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Latest Stable Version : 1.8.2

Released on 06/05/2017 - code name: Chewb

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Youtube Playlist about rolisteam v1.8 (in French)


Icon Ubuntu

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rolisteam/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install rolisteam rcse

Arch Linux

Changes in 1.8.2

  • Allow user to display dice result inside string result
  • When GM is not the server charactersheet are shared with everyone. (#62)
  • RCSE multipage field problem (#61)
  • RCSE can manage field after character creation (RCSE #4)


  • Rotation of token (#56)
  • add image to vectorial map from menu is working (#59)
  • circle field of view position is fixed (#54)
  • translation error (#49)
  • crash on vectorial map (#48)
  • improvement of unit convert (#51)
  • New menu item is working
  • Better protection on Select Type
  • Display all QML error at once in rolisteam.
  • Unset formula in character
  • Add font support on field
  • Add UTF-8 support in sheet
  • Reset all id
  • Display error message when user add two images with different resolution as background for pages
  • formula accept every type of character between “
  • fix removing first page issue
  • Add font delegate
  • Fix border delegate
  • better improvement of model update
  • Vectorial Map
  • Charactersheet
  • DiceParser Improvement
  • Connection Dialog
  • Full changelog (below)

How To Compile and Install Rolisteam on Linux:

See documentation Compilation on Linux

Full changelog v1.8.0

Vectorial Map

  • New map system using vectorial drawing
  • Items can be modified, rotated, moved
  • Avatar can be used as character token
  • image can be added to the map
  • management of layers
  • fog of war
  • Character vision
  • size adaptation
  • Parenthood relationship
  • Grid (square or hexagon)
  • Zoom level

Character sheet

  • Management of charactersheet
  • Charactersheet editor
  • Formula management
  • Roll dice from the charactersheet
  • Management of several kind of text field
  • Character sheet in QML
  • Update through network
  • ReadOnly data
  • Character sheet can have several pages
  • Display several page at once


  • Validator with several condition and combination with logic operator (OR, AND and exclusive OR)
  • Improved management of errors
  • List operator accept range/probability
  • Hide roll from the player but visible by everyone else (#2d6)
  • Merge operator
  • filter operator
  • if operator
  • Support modulo operator in validator
  • Management of varible from the character sheet
  • Support of different operator (!=)
  • improve randomness by using C++11 API
  • better generation for dot tree


  • Dynamic Management of state (add/remove)
  • Dice alias can be disable
  • heartbeat mechanism to prevent disconnection
  • Name generator (GM Toolbox)
  • Unit converter (GM Toolbox)

Connection Dialog

  • Management of several connection profile
  • Define role (GM or Player), define connection mode (Host or Client), if player then define character (name, color, avatar)

Resources management

  • resources can be ordered into chapter
  • management of state of resources (open/loaded)

Fixed Bug

  • Workaround for #42 - How to auto-size Huge map
  • Fix #41 - Mix between GM and player rights
  • Fix #28 - hide Roll Dice from the roller enhancement
  • Fix #33 - Disconnection
  • Fix #22 - Characters portraits & tokens
  • Fix #3 - It is not possible to move sheets around as if on a regular table
  • Fix #8 - Add images into maps


  • French, English, Portuguese, Hungrian,German, Roumanian, Spanish, Turkish(partial), Dutch(partial)

Older Versions

Older versions

What next ?

In the future release, we plan to do: Stand Alone server Shared note editor * and moreā€¦

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