Rolisteam helps you to manage a tabletop role playing game with remote friends/players. It provides many features to share maps, pictures and it also includes tool to communicate with you friends/players.


  • Music player, it's based on phonon.
  • Client/Server architecture.
  • Drawing tool.
  • Rich text Editor.
  • Dice rolling
  • Chat communication
  • And many others...

Rolisteam is based on Rolistik (see, with some improvements (see below).

The Rolisteam fairy tale:

Once upon a time, a man wants to play role playing game with his remote friends. He left a message in the ubuntu french forum asking help for porting Qt software to Linux. More details available at : (french)

Job offers

  • PHP developers/Webmasters : Make a website for rolisteam, with all tools to create a community.
  • Translators : Code source and the application must be translated from French to English. (any other languages are welcome)
  • Qt/C++ developers : Make improvements into rolisteam (huge work, please, help!)
  • Packaging managers : Need people to make better package for Windows and add support for rpm-based GNU/Linux distributions.
  • Artist: design logo and artwork for Rolisteam application and its future website.